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How to Contact Sutton Bank for Cash App Prepaid Card Support

    sutton bank cash app

    The cash app prepaid card is issued by the Sutton Bank, a subsidiary of Sutton State Bank of Ontario, Ohio.

    Many cash app users face several issues on a daily basis while using the prepaid card linked.

    However, it is important to know that the bank does not control the funds deposited on the card by cash app users.

    In this article, we will be discussing the common issues customers face and how they can get the necessary cash app prepaid card support. But, before we proceed, we advise our readers who have other issues related to this topic to send their questions using our forum.

    We also provide quick response services to all your issues by phone.

    You can simply dial 18885247712 to reach our experienced troubleshooting experts if you have any questions or technical issues using the Cash app.

    Therefore, please report any of the issues below directly at +1-888-524-7712 or get cash app help by asking your questions at https://cashapphelp.online/questions/ask/

    Note that the issues we attend to are not limited to the once listed below. So, you can go ahead and reach us on any other Sutton bank cash app-related issues if yours is not found in the list below.


    Get cash app help concerning any type of transactions

    Do you have questions on a refund?

    Questions about card limits

    Questions about the app.

    What to do if you are locked out of my app?

    Did you changed phones and now suddenly seems to have cash app accounts?

    Any issues related to direct deposit

    Any other issues not related to the Sutton Bank Cash app issued Prepaid Debit Card are welcomed.

    Your cash app Prepaid debit card is not designed for business use, and we may close your Card Account if we determine that it is being used for business purposes.


    Another important information users must note is that the cash app Prepaid debit card is not designed for business use.

    As such, once Sutton bank finds out that you are using it for business purpose instead of personal use, they may close your Card Account.

    Therefore, it is highly advisable that you do not go against this instruction.


    What is the Sutton Routing Number for Cash App?

    Anyone using the services of a Bank at some point in time will be required to provide a routing number.

    It is a usual thing these days so far as money transfer issues are concerned. Sutton Bank is no exception.

    New functionality in the Cash App allows users to add their Sutton routing number.  The ACCURATE routing number to use is 041215663. It is necessary to verify Sutton routing number you have previously provided to your employer or cash app conforms with the one we have provided above.

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